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European Industry Research Reports by IBISWorld
EU industry research reports

Find answers to your global business questions

Help your organization and your clients be best placed to make major business decisions and improve benchmarking in the face of uncertainties like Brexit, COVID-19 and other unpredictable global events.

Start at the Pan-EU level, then dive into the key economies of France, Spain and Italy. Reports also offer the option to drill down even further with high-level snapshot information for additional economies in the EU.

Industry research on hundreds of industries across the EU


Features of EU 鶹

  • Contextual pan-EU level insights for key industries

  • Country-level research for largest economies in the EU: France, Italy and Spain

  • High-level snapshot information for additional EU countries within each Pan-EU industry report

  • Full collection covers the most economically impactful industries in the EU

  • All reports written in English


Who Uses IBISWorld European Industry Research Reports?

Industry Research Reports for Investment Bankers

Investment Bankers

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Industry Research Reports for Consulting Firms


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Industry Research Reports for Academic Institutions

Academic Institutions

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Industry Research Reports for Government Agencies

Government Agencies

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Industry Research Reports for Business Valuators

Business Valuators

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Industry Research Reports for Marketing Teams

Marketing Teams

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