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ESG Risk Assessments

Industry-wide ESG scores and analysis for proactive risk management.

  • Develop sustainable strategies
  • Monitor risks across the value chain
  • Set ESG benchmarks for achievable success
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An ESG industry assessment report shows the Environment, Social and Governance risk scores and financial considerations for ESG reporting and investing.

Urgent issues require decisive action

A risk today could become a crisis tomorrow. Boost business resilience with detailed risk scores and actionable insights on environmental, social and governance (ESG) issues across hundreds of industries in the United Kingdom and Australia.

Define ESG risks

It’s hard to be an ESG expert when it affects all industries differently. Our ESG Risk Assessments show you the most prominent risks affecting hundreds of industries, so you can:

  • Measure and benchmark exposure
  • Evaluate supply chain risks
  • Future-proof business operations
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ESG risk scores for specific construction industries diagram the supply chain sustainability of real estate development.

Advise on strategies

As ESG climbs higher on the priority list, businesses are looking for resources to guide their approach. Whether for your clients or your own company, industry-wide ESG guidelines can help you:

  • Seize new opportunities and competitive advantages
  • Evaluate and plan for material risks
  • Develop best-practice strategies for regulatory compliance
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A sustainability roadmap begins with one ESG transition risk and ends with an actionable ESG strategy.

Strengthen reporting and analysis

As ESG standards become more complex, so do your evaluations. Use risk scores and analysis, driven by globally recognized reporting guidelines, as a single source of truth to:

  • Measure ESG performance against industry-wide benchmarks
  • Make informed decisions on loans, investments and partnerships
  • Compile and audit sustainability reports with confidence
An ESG score card is positioned next to gender pay gap data that justifies the industry's positive pay equality score.

Explore an ESG Risk Assessment

How clients support ESG goals with IBISWorld

“Keeping our members in good standing is a top priority at the bank. With the insights IBISWorld provides, our advisors have helped hundreds of members capitalize on sustainability opportunities and improve their financial outlook.”

Business Banking Manager

“When it comes to evaluating vendors and awarding contracts, we need reliable benchmarks, which is exactly what IBISWorld provides.”

Sourcing Manager

“Being able to point to completely unbiased benchmarks during a consultation makes a huge difference when delivering ESG recommendations to our clients.”

Senior Consultant

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Frequently asked questions

Quick answers to questions about features and methodology. View the full article or contact us for further assistance.

How are IBISWorld’s ESG Risk Scores calculated?

Our ESG Risk Scores are derived from a combination of quantitative data and qualitative research. Analysts assess nearly 30 variables that are grouped into 15 main factors. Quantitative data from sources like government agencies and Transparency International, along with qualitative insights from industry associations, are incorporated into the scores. Among the 15 main factors we score, those with stringent regulations (e.g. energy efficiency, waste management, greenhouse gas emissions, etc.) may be weighted higher. For more information on sources, factors and weightings, please visit our .

How can I purchase an ESG Risk Assessment?

Our ESG Risk Assessments can be added to any membership that includes one of the report collections listed below. You can learn more about our memberships on the or by submitting a contact form.

Which IBISWorld report collections offer ESG Risk Assessments?

Our ESG Risk Assessments are available for Australian ANZSIC reports, UK SIC reports, UK Specialized reports, and Germany WZ reports (in German).

Does IBISWorld provide company ESG Risk Assessments?

Our Australian ESG product includes a dedicated section for company analysis. The section spotlights the top ESG issues for major companies in each industry and reports on their responses. Currently, the UK and German ESG products do not include company-specific analysis.